The Management Overview

Simply tracking the number of open/closed tickets only reflect the progress of a project in a single dimension...

The Management Overview

Imagine a project where several medium-sized modules need some ❤️in different areas like basic code clean-up, modernize the persistence layer, rewrite the UI, ... you name it.

We decided to work through the different parts mainly in a horizontal manner, but also trying to finish the smaller modules to proof the concept and get whole modules done. That would allow us to ship finished parts sooner...

The chart above shows every major working item in a color reflecting the grade of completion. With a quick glance you can see different facets of the prjects's progress:

  • The first clean-up round is almost done,
  • we started the PoC of the new UI for 'module A',
  • a REST API is available for 'module A' and
  • 'module B' and 'module C' are on hold.

Let's keep the management in the loop and the project team happy...🎉

Header cover Photo by Bud Helisson