Who's on Duty?

This page covers the whole story of "Who's on Duty?". It started as a small helper to keep track of who's turn it is to do the dish washing...

The configuration backend is available here: Who’s on Duty?

The current roadmap for the Flutter app is packed with really cool new features:

  • [✔︎] - Store the current configuration
  • [✔︎] - Scan a configuration from a barcode
  • [✔︎] - Share a configuration via barcode
  • [✔︎] - Create a hard copy of a configuration via a local printer (to put it on your fridge)
  • [💡] - Responsive design - use row layout in landscape mode

The Flutter backend is currently in lights-on mode 🌴.

We keep you posted!

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash