Hello Stackable Data Platform

With my current project, I dipped my toe into Big Data stacks. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to watch, (most of the time as a Scrum - 🐓), how a new data platform evolved. Especially with my affinity to Open Source, more than curious to see what solutions will use the Stackable Data Platform.

Stackable Data Platform - the modern open source data platform

As of today almost a dozen tools are operated and combined within this single platform. Over the coming ~days~ / weeks, we will look into each of these tools and how these fit together.

One of the most appealing parts is that the team behind the Stackable Data Platform puts knowledge into code:

“Our core expertise - operational knowledge - feeds into a set of Kubernetes operators that monitor and control the deployment and operation of each component of the Stackable Data Platform.”

  • Part I - Authorization-as-Code
  • Part II - Apache ZooKeeper the Stackable Way
  • Part III - Installing Apache Druid with a Stackable Operator
  • Part V - Build Apache Kafka Streams with Stackable Data Platform (Stay tuned...)

🙌 Photo by Artem Bryzgalov on Unsplash