Who's on Duty?

The first steps with Flutter was a huge success...

With the kids on fire, 🔥 we enter the next stage!

Let’s build a basic configuration backend so we can get rid of the hard-wired configuration and advertise the app to other families to save their Saturdays as well! 🤗

The app is currently deployed in our sandbox - Who’s on Duty?

Who’s on Duty - barcode

The idea is simple: We generate a barcode that encodes the whole configuration as JSON.

    "duty": "dish washing",
    "participants": ["Huey", "Duwey", "Louie"]

The QR code is generated from the two strings into an interims model...

let dutyModel = {
    duty: this.duty,
    participants: this.participants.split(',').map(Function.prototype.call, String.prototype.trim)

...converted to JSON...

this.qrCode = JSON.stringify(dutyModel);

...and rendered via angular2-qrcode

<div align="center">
    <qr-code [value]="qrCode" [size]="width" [level]="level"></qr-code>

The current roadmap for the Flutter app is packed with really cool new features:

  • [✔︎] - Store the current configuration
  • [✔︎] - Scan a configuration from a barcode
  • [💡] - Share a configuration via barcode
  • [💡] - Create a hard copy of a configuration via a local printer

Stay tuned!

Photo by Hidde Rensink on Unsplash