Testing the MongoDB slice with Spring and Fongo

In our project we use the Gradle Build Tool and the Spring Framework to access a MongoDB.

For integration testing we decided to use Fongo. Let's add Fongo to the test dependencies first:

dependencies {
    testCompile "com.github.fakemongo:fongo:${fongoVersion}"

Next we override the Mongo bean in the profile fongo.

public class FongoConfiguration extends AbstractMongoConfiguration {

    protected String getDatabaseName() {
    return "fongo-test-db";

    public Mongo mongo() throws Exception {
        return new Fongo("Fongo").getMongo();


With this groundwork done it's easy to setup an integration test for our repository. We activate the profile fongo and the FongoConfiguration via annotations to our test classes.

@ContextConfiguration(classes = {FongoConfiguration.class})
public class MyRepositoryTest {

When running the fongo tests you should be able to spot something like...

15:50:33.120 [main] DEBUG osdmc.MongoDbUtils - Getting Mongo Database name=[fongo-test-db]

in your logs.

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