Kick-start Development with Ceph

Wouldn’t it be nice to spin up a local S3 storage to test your application against a reproducible persistent snapshot of S3?

This post spins up the ceph demo container with docker compose.

ceph - THE FUTURE OF STORAGE™ - Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.


Spin up the container with docker compose up -d like you would in 2017 with The new Ceph container demo is super dope!

All you need is the datenkollektiv/ceph-playground - A Docker based Ceph setup for local development

And start using Ceph Nano to access the bucket sandbox.

Easy as 🥧…

Step-by-Step Guide

Clone the Github repository datenkollektiv/ceph-playground mentioned above.

docker compose up -d
[+] Running 1/1
  Container ceph-playground_ceph_1  Started 4.2s

Jump into the ceph container and Use the bundled s3cmd inside the ceph container docker exec -it ceph-playground_ceph_1 /bin/bash

s3cmd --access_key=sandbox --secret_key=s3cr3t ls s3://sandbox

Generate Test Data

Create some random test data and an additional bucket public-data:

docker exec -it ceph-playground_ceph_1 /tools/
Bucket 's3://public-data/' created
s3://public-data/: Policy updated
upload: '' -> 's3://public-data/'  [1 of 1]
 1024 of 1024   100% in    0s    80.83 KB/s  done

This script will generate some ceph users plus ready-to-use configurations. Grab the prepared s3cmd configurations like follows from docker/ceph/tools/:

s3cmd --config sandbox.s3cfg ls s3://sandbox 
s3cmd --config docker/ceph/tools/admin.s3cfg ls s3://delivery-random-data

The minimal configurations show the relevant parts needed to access the S3 backend programmatically:

access_key = IGB53…SRGL
secret_key = EtLP…RkoaG

host_base =
host_bucket =

use_https = False

brew install s3cmd

For the native feeling...s3cmd in your personal shell...

s3cmd --config sandbox.s3cfg ls s3://sandbox 
s3cmd --config docker/ceph/tools/deliver.s3cfg ls s3://delivery-random-data

Have fun in your local ☁️!

Photo by Αντωνης Κοροτσάκης on Unsplash