How to update Android SDK Tools

Just a short one. These days the update to a newer Android Build Tool failed on our build server. With nothing to install...

$ ${ANDROID_HOME}tools/android update sdk --no-ui --filter build-tools-23.0.2
Error: Ignoring unknown package filter 'build-tools-23.0.2'
Warning: The package filter removed all packages. There is nothing to install.
Please consider trying to update again without a package filter.

The solution was to update the tool itself first:

$ ${ANDROID_HOME}tools/android update sdk -u -a -t tool

So I posted this in case I have to update our build server again in far future... :)

Ooops I forgot about the actual update:

(while :
  echo 'y'
  sleep 10
done) | ${ANDROID_HOME}tools/android update sdk -u -a -t "build-tools-23.0.3"
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