Frequently used Maven Command Line Arguments

This is a collection of my personal most used/favorite Maven command line options.

Changing the output e.g. when debugging build/packaging issues: mvn -eX package

short long description
-e --errors Produce execution error messages
-X --debug Produce execution debug output
-q --quiet Quiet output - only show errors

Switch the active profile e.g. for integration testing only mvn -P integration-tests test:

short long description
-P --activate-profiles <arg> Comma-delimited list of profiles to activate

If you ever need to use Maven without having access to a network, you should use the following option to prevent any attempt to check for updates to plugins or dependencies over a network:

short long description
-o --offline Work offline

Sometimes the pom.xml is not inside the root directory of your project...

short long description
-f --file <file> Forces the use of an alternate POM file

Last but not least: A nice option for the Maven Release Plugin

short long description
-B --batch-mode Run in non-interactive (batch) mode

With this option enabled the release plugin will use default values instead of prompting for them interactively.

For complete reference please see Maven Command Line Options.

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